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GTT – Client Profile and Case Study

About GTT Wireless

One of our biggest success stories was working alongside GTT Wireless, located in Rutland, United Kingdom. They are a leading supplier of carrier-grade antenna and enclosure protection solutions for electronics, supporting 24×7 operations and projects from the biggest players in the global IoT and M2M industries.
GTT Wireless started its operations in 2008 and has been delivering on an international scale, becoming the industry front-runners in taking wireless projects from the conceptual stage into development and prototyping, all the way through to mass production.

Why Was TDT Needed?

GTT wireless was looking for a reliable partner to modernize their IT and ERP systems. While working on their ERP, we detected an opportunity to modernize their sales process by improving the front end of the website, and in particular, there was a big opportunity to bring new technologies to a self-serve CPQ platform that allows clients to build their own custom made-to-order enclosures and be able to place a request for quotation in one single place.

TDT’s Strategic Approach

TDT Consultants proceeded to redesign and build this new, modernized platform and fully integrate it with Odoo to facilitate 360-degree communications with clients as well as automated data reconciliation among sales, accounting and manufacturing, drastically reducing the complexity and time required for servicing a prospective client from several hours to mere minutes.

As a side effect, the new CPQ tool, with its simple structure and improved user experience allows potential customers to easily navigate the quotation process without any prior knowledge or training, and allows them to self-serve when building custom enclosures with a full compatibility check performed in real-time, avoiding the need to have a complicated and error prone interaction with the sales team.

Our Impact

With this new improved tool, supported by digital marketing, GTT managed to increase its enquiries by over an eye popping 100x from its previous levels in less than a year. At the same time, this increased enquiry volume has not overloaded operations, as it is fully automated, helping to keep the company lean while significantly increasing their sales scaling capabilities.

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