Redefining businesses

through technology

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”



Innovation requires fresh ideas – a combination of technological opportunism and precise execution. Our biggest asset as a company is our development process expertise, combined with our understanding of the lean movement. Armed with this, we have successfully turned the software agile process into a predictable process that guarantees results, allows for clear and accurate planning on what usually are uncertain projects, and provides a level of transparency that is usually unseen.

We provide training, process and control consulting, or source technology projects working directly with your people.

Agile innovation oriented to business value

We work together designing solutions

We build business value oriented solutions using agile processes

We help you support your business through continual support and innovation

Why work with us?


Manufacturing has unique challenges that require a deep understanding of the physical, procedural and financial mechanics of production.


We care about the supply chain holistically, and approach it through the lens of systems thinking.


Using agile methods for development is not enough – we do it lean and follow the same logic as you would when developing a lean strategy to manage your own production and supply chain.


We work through best practices and understand the value of the lean way.

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