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Odoo is a robust platform for business applications. Constantly in motion, odoo has evolved throughout the years, delivering the best value as a combination of complexity, cost and flexibility.

We have worked with odoo since our inception and we have plenty of experience implementing it in complex, process oriented businesses throughout the world.

We have a long term view of the technology and it’s applications, and we’re growing with it as we improve our service delivery.

We build personalized solutions for your business



We work directly with your accounting team to make sure our solution is aligned with your operational and financial objectives. From clear, accurate reporting, to bespoke inventory costing solutions in manufacturing that deliver unprecedented visibility and clarity.



Configuration of a basic odoo is the first step in getting odoo to work for you. 90% to 95% of the benefits from the system can be realized without writing a single line of code. We help you reach this stage with a minimal investment, and evaluate where we can take it from there.



The toughest challenge for a company starting an IT initiative is to develop a culture of continuous education and evolution around it. With our methodologies, we have managed to deliver sustainable and ever evolving IT to organizations both big and small.



We help you gain visibility and agility in your supply chain no matter the complexity of your situation.



While we try to stay away from unnecessary customization as a general principle to deliver systems within a reasonable budget, over the years we have delivered game changing ideas.



The real power of the system comes from seamlessly integrating multiple pieces of infrastructure: ecommerce, logistics, payment handling. Sometimes those components have already been built and work well. Don’t change them! We can find a way to help you integrate them successfully.

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