Benefits of Implementing Ecommerce ERP Integration

Turbocharges Online Businesses, Drives Profitability

Re-inventing in-store shopping. Boosting security. Moving to the cloud. Optimizing customer service. These are just some of the challenges that retailers must overcome if they’re to survive in 2021 and beyond. No challenge is more critical to survival for retailers, however, than meeting the demand for an Omnichannel experience. With customers shopping across multi-channels demonstrating a 30% increase in lifetime value, creating an Omnichannel experience makes sense.

Ecommerce ERP integration can help you create a powerful Omnichannel experience and boost corporate profitability simultaneously. Yet, many retailers are still hand-keying sales orders and data into their ERP systems. Hand-keying data is cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly. It’s also mistake-prone. Making errors like the wrong shipping addresses, inaccurate inventory levels, or inaccurate information on products isn’t good for business.

If you’re a retailer, you can’t afford to make these kinds of mistakes. They damage reputation in terms of customer service and satisfaction, chase customers away, and decrease profitability. You also can’t afford to write custom code to integrate legacy applications. That’s costly and time-consuming, and it creates network vulnerabilities hackers can exploit. If you’re a retailer battling to survive in 2021 and beyond, however, integrating ecommerce with your ERP software solution takes your business to the next level.

Ecommerce ERP Integration Is Transformational

Ecommerce ERP integration automates and elevates your entire sales process. This, in turn boosts operational efficiency and speed. Plus, it delivers benefits that can help you create a powerful competitive advantage. Put another way: it’s transformational.

Critical benefits ecommerce ERP integration delivers include:

  • Reducing data redundancy
  • Lowering operations costs
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Reducing inventory costs
  • Boosting customer satisfaction
  • Generating accurate ERP reports
  • Increasing control of your business

Integrating ecommerce and ERP ensures that your managers rely on a single source of information when making decisions. That enables them to make better and faster decisions based on real-time data.

Sorting Out Ecommerce Platforms

The key to reaping the benefits of ecommerce ERP integration, however, starts with choosing the right ecommerce platform. That can be a challenge. The marketplace offers a bewildering array of these platforms that make it hard to choose one that fits your needs.

Below are some “must-have” features in an ecommerce platform:

  • Offers editing features that allow you to design/reconfigure websites as needed (including a form builder)
  • Integrates easily with multiple third-party applications, including shipping carriers and payment gateways
  • Enhances a customer’s shopping experience with tools like live chat, a wish list, and product comparison charts
  • Provides integrated features for managing promotions, coupon programs, and auto-informing to let you know about abandoned carts
  • Has features that allow retailers to manage multiple stores from a single platform
  • Includes functionality for analyzing sales and inventory levels, and automatic stock adjustments and reporting

More importantly, you want an ecommerce platform that’s user-friendly, streamlines and simplifies management, and drives profitability. These features boost your ecommerce operations dramatically.

Odoo ERP Frees You to Run Your Business

Odoo offers all of the features described above and more—a lot more. Its ecommerce module is powerful and dynamic. It lets you work with a single platform to manage a wide range of business functions. Plus, it simplifies ecommerce operations. That frees you to run your business efficiently and to focus on customer satisfaction.

The module also offers features that set it apart when it comes to ecommerce. Take the new snippets it’s added to the latest version of the module. Snippets are regions of re-usable source code, machine code, or text. Countdowns, for example, heighten interest and excitement ahead of a redesigned website, a new marketing campaign, and a new product line launch. That helps drive marketing.

Other new snippets include Auto Popups, a seamless way to put critical messages front and center with customers, including competitions or email signups; Step Processes, which enable you to envisage the steps in any multi-step process clearly for customers; and Timelines, which let you show things like the history of your ecommerce site or the development of a unique product. With features like these, Odoo can help you transform your ecommerce business.

Turbocharging Ecommerce ERP Operations

Retailers found themselves dealing with tough new challenges in 2020. That isn’t changing in 2021. These challenges include an increased demand from customers for a seamless Omnichannel experience. With 50% of today’s customers using at least four touchpoints before purchasing, fashioning an Omnichannel experience makes sense for savvy retailers.  Ecommerce ERP integration can help you create a seamless Omnichannel experience that customers seek and deliver vital benefits that differentiate you from other companies.

Odoo is ideal for ecommerce ERP integration. It offers powerful features that support a seamless Omnichannel experience, increase online sales, and drive corporate profitability. Plus, it offers an array of snippets that can expand the module’s functionality in critical ways. Designed with retailers in mind, Odoo turbocharges business operations. If you don’t integrate your ecommerce platform with Odoo, you’re putting your customer’s experience—and your business—at risk.

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